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He was born in London, Ontario, Canada on November 12, Ryan took ballet but stopped because he was terrible. Ryan Gosling was supposed to play the lead in The Lovely Bones but was fired when he showed up on set weighing pounds. He was cast when he weighed pounds. His perfect day would involve sitting in a room and knitting all day. He absolutely loves knitting.

Half Nelson

It was Gosling who sought out Refn to direct the project, an ultra-violent neon-lit crime thriller in which he plays a getaway driver known only as the Driver, who is drawn into a Knight Valiant role protecting Carey Mulligan from a violent gang. The project came together around Gosling who had seen and admired Refn’s previous films, Valhalla Rising and Bronson.

Refn had flu, and was barely able to talk or move his neck.

Gosling’s been in a (incredibly secretive) relationship with Eva Mendes since They welcomed daughter Esmerelda, 4, in , and daughter Amada, 2, in

Share on Messenger Close If you watch Ryan Gosling’s recent films back to back, you begin to wonder how he gets away with it: How, in this celebrity-fuelled age, an Oscar-nominated year-old who has been living and working in Los Angeles for the past 10 years has managed to become a varied, complicated, powerful actor. How on earth has he evaded the forces that attempt to mould people like him into the next Brad Pitt?

Here’s a movie star,’ Gosling says when I meet him in New York. Gosling has a mug locked in a firm embrace, and asks for a steady stream of refills. In the past six years he has played a Jewish neo-Nazi in The Believer , a homicidal flirt in Murder By Numbers , an imprisoned teenager in The United States of Leland , a handsome lead in the wartime romance The Notebook , and now, in Half Nelson, a putative role model who has lost control of his life. Gosling is extraordinary – in the first and last of those performances particularly – and virtually unrecognisable from one role to the next.

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A film about characters making great sacrifices. Not only that, but it also succeeds on a technical level. Close-up shots and the shaky cam brings audiences closer to the story and allows them to see physical and emotional toll these NASA missions have on the crew.

Ryan Thomas Gosling, actor, musician, producer, director (born 12 November in London, ON). Ryan Gosling started out as a child actor before giving a breakthrough performance in the Sundance-winning indie drama The Believer in

She also has German, English, Scottish, and Irish ancestry. Although she did not like school, she has stated that her controlling nature meant that “I made sure I got all As “. I called my mom and she brought me home, and for the next three years it just would not stop. I would go to the nurse at lunch most days and just wring my hands. I would ask my mom to tell me exactly how the day was going to be, then ask again 30 seconds later.

I just needed to know that no one was going to die and nothing was going to change. The resulting show, retitled The New Partridge Family , remained an unsold pilot.

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I like the library too. Later, it was revealed that Gosling had no involvement with the Easter Egg hunt. On May 6th, McHenry’s parody clips were first picked up on the actor’s fan blog Gosloving [40] , followed by BuzzFeed’s compilation coverage [41] on May 9th.

The first time we saw Gosling and Stone together on-screen was in ’s Crazy, Stupid, Love, which we all remember well for that scene in which a drunken Stone ogles at the hunky shirtless.

It’s a story about a man who falls in love with, and carries on a relationship with, a life-sized doll he buys off the internet. The movie’s star Ryan Gosling and director Craig Gillespie sat down with Beliefnet to talk about family, faith, and treating a doll like a fellow cast member. In one scene, Lars’ fellow church members have a meeting to decide what to do about Bianca, the name of the doll, and they decide to accept her.

Did you want to make the church members sympathetic? This movie is about community, the opportunity to be part of a community. I wanted to portray the parishioners in a realistic way. It isn’t unusual [for people to be accepting], it’s just unusual in film. In real life, there’s always family drama going on.

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To say this endeavor is a crapshoot would be an insult to craps players. You might as well try to figure out what was up with that fifth-dimensional bookshelf instead. But we can at least try to make an educated guess based on Oscars history the Academy loves returning nominees, not to mention historical true-life stories and movies about Hollywood , scheduling the majority of Best Picture nominees are typically released in November and December and industry chatter.

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Breakups, Interviews, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling Canadian actor Ryan Gosling has spoken out about his split from his longterm girlfriend and costar in The Notebook, Rachel McAdams. He told GQ Magazine that he’s been confronted by accusatory women on the street who wonder why it didn’t work out with McAdams.

Plot[ edit ] Stephen Meyers is the junior campaign manager for Governor Mike Morris, who is competing against Senator Ted Pullman in the Democratic presidential primary. Both campaigns are vying for the endorsement of Senator Franklin Thompson, who controls delegates that would clinch the nomination for either candidate. Meyers is asked by Pullman’s campaign manager, Tom Duffy, to meet in secret. Meyers calls his boss, Morris campaign manager Paul Zara, who does not answer.

Meyers decides to meet with Duffy, who offers him a position in Pullman’s campaign; Meyers refuses. When Zara calls back, Meyers does not tell him about the meeting. Meyers starts a sexual relationship with Molly Stearns, an attractive intern whose father is the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Meyers admits to an angry Zara that he met with Duffy, who said that Pullman will offer Thompson the position of Secretary of State in exchange for his endorsement.

Zara and Meyers discuss the matter with Morris, saying they must make the same offer to Thompson.

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Across town, stars like Sally Field and Aubrey Plaza are conducting interviews in hotel conference rooms and coffee shops and on benches on the street, but not Gosling. Warner Bros, which is distributing Lost River, has taken over the restaurant in a downtown hotel. Before the interview starts, the ground rules are laid out: Being booed at Cannes is kind of like being booed by Philadelphia sports fans at an Eagles game—it tells you more about the crowd than about your own worth. The audience at SXSW was significantly more receptive, which makes sense: It felt like, if you spend any time there or around them, you could see how they might feel like they were the last people on Earth.

15 Pictures To Decode The Magic Behind Ryan Gosling’s Style. Fashion. Genderless Icons: The 12 Most Androgynous Celebrities. Fashion. A Genderless Angel: 10 Pictures of Tilda Swinton’s Style. Take a look at Taylor Swift’s dating history. All of her relationships with their corresponding song, of course! (Photo: WENN).

Two-time Academy Award nominee Ryan Gosling will be portraying the astronaut. A movie casting call is searching for models and actors to be extras. Filming is set to begin at the end of October and will shoot through January. Available roles include experienced flight controllers and pilots for mission control, experienced airplane mechanics, current or former military members, smokers, engineers, astronomers, NASA lovers and Caucasian men and women ages 18 through More background roles will be released as filming gets underway.

If you want to be considered for this paid acting job, sign up for the movie casting call today! A Life Of Neil A. Academy Award winner Damien Chazelle will be directing the flick.

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Comment First Man is an intimate portrayal of an American icon. Neil Armstrong’s moon walk indelibly secured a place in history. First Man is not hero worship, or a grandiose exploration of space. It is a candid, searingly honest look at a stoic man; and the stalwart wife who bravely supported him. A humble, quiet man, Armstrong was facing difficulty at work and heartbreak at home. He had several high profile crashes that worried his superiors.

The actress, who appears opposite Ryan Gosling in the musical, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival, said the point of the film is to “let go of cynicism.” Damien Chazelle’s new film.

The first feature from co-writer and Is it time for a musical episode? Quite often — and sometimes against better judgment – the answer is yes. Joaquin Phoenix out-hammers Mike Hammer by several hammers Michael Phillips When the Glasgow-born filmmaker Lynne Ramsay adapts a novel, she does what any responsive writer-director must.

She listens to what speaks to her, personally, in the material, and creates colors, moods, images around a few key themes to support that He sure meant it. The designer, again proving himself one of fashion’s most enduring Liz Smith, gossip columnist who dished on the boldfaced-name set, dies at 94 Lisa Grace Lednicer Liz Smith started her gossip career in the early s writing about Shelley Winters for a pulp movie magazine and ended it nearly seven decades later tweeting about actor Ryan Gosling.

In between, she dished with and about pretty much every author, Think of something interesting to say at dinner Friday night. It succeeded, however, in acquiring the reputation of a modern science fiction classic En el segundo avance de “Spider-Man:

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Well he needs to lay low, he has been so overexposed. It’s our only claim to fame ha ha. I understand he comes to town occasionally, but I’ve never seen him here. My brothers and I had our baby portraits done by a Ken Gosling. I wonder if he’s any relation to Ryan? He brought this publicity on himself.

Emma Stone has a new man in her life: She’s dating “SNL” writer and segment director Dave McCary, as exclusively revealed on “Page Six TV.”. McCary’s just the latest “SNL” staffer.

A jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in Los Angeles. Simmons, Emma Stone Director: But then, “they” aren’t the young writer-director Damien Chazelle, who just did. His La La Land is a big, old-fashioned, toe-tapping, earworm-sowing, break-into-song extravaganza. And if its eminently appealing stars — Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone — aren’t quite Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell Fred’s best dance partner , well, neither has anyone else been for the last 70 years.

La La Land announces its arrival with what has to be the longest opening number in movie history — by which I mean linear distance, not time elapsed. The song unfolds in a traffic jam on an endless L. As the camera sweeps, strolls and soars among the snarled cars, their occupants take to dancing, singing and generally exulting in the sun. It’s a brilliant bit of fair warning from Chazelle, alerting us that the tunes in this musical will not arrive in natural segues. Instead, expect characters to burst into song here with all the subtlety of J.

Simmons hurling that cymbal across the room in Whiplash, Chazelle’s previous film. He’s a jazz pianist stifled by his job at a piano bar, while she’s a struggling actress whose days are filled with audition rejections.

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