Recreation Programs

Posted on Wed, March 08, 2017

Recreation and Fitness Programs

The Health Benefits of Being Active

  • Improve your balance
  • Reduce falls and injuries
  • Help you stay independent longer
  • Help prevent heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and premature death

Aerobic activity, like pushing a lawn mower, taking a dance class, or biking to the store, is continuous movement that makes you feel warm and breathe deeply.

Strengthening activity, like lifting weights or yoga, keep muscles and bones strong and prevents bone loss. It will also improve your balance and posture.

Walk N’ Roll Indoor Walking Group

Many people enjoy a daily walk in the spring, summer and fall, but don’t feel safe walking outdoors in winter. Please consider continuing your healthy walking habit during the snowy months by visiting the indoor walking tracks at Wolfville, Acadia University (McCain Arena), Berwick - King’s Mutual Centre (Apple Dome) , Kentville Indoor Soccer Facility or Middleton, Baptist Church Family Life Centre.

We welcome people of all mobility levels - bring any walking aid that you have, such as canes or walkers. If you have a 4 wheeled walker bring it with you. If you don’t have one, there are 4 wheeled walkers available on site for you to try. If you walk with oxygen, bring it along. A Seniors LINCS’ physiotherapist will be on site once a week to walk with you and discuss any difficulties you may be having. Our goals are to increase your walking endurance, heart health and independence. Your goal is to enjoy the companionship and music while improving your fitness level.

This program is a partnership between local municipal Recreation Departments and N.S. Health Authority. It is free to participate. In an effort to provide the best possible care, we ask that you fill out our one page health questionnaire.

Contact: Wendy Lee Hamilton 902 542-0939 or Kathleen Mulherin 902 542-0467

Wolfville Area Community Programs:

Wolfville Recreation Department: 902 542-2400

Acadia University Athletics Complex: Aquafit and swim, daily, 585-1824.

‘Triple A Fitness’ Program, 585-1566.

Indoor walking daily at arena, self-directed, 542-2201.

Nordic pole walking, sign out poles at Acadia Box Office

Skate, Monday-Friday 12-1pm, 542-2201.

Curling Club, Wolfville, 542-3819.

Tai Chi, Wed evenings, Marilyn Manzer, 542-0558

Walking meet at Cochrane’s Pharmasave, Tuesday & Thursday, 10am, 542-3972

Fit as a Fiddle Fitness, Tuesday and Thursday 10-11am with Janet Mooney at the Wolfville Lions 698-0581

Yoga with Gail Kerr, 542-3544.

Yoga with Carol Fellowes, 542-3724.

Adult Ceili Fitness classes, Beginner and Advanced classes. Greenwich Community Hall. Call Niamh Webster 582-1786

Valley Trekkers Volkssport Club, Lynda, 847-1772.

Walk N’ Roll, group walking at Acadia Arena using 4 wheeled walkers. Wendy-Lee 542-0939

Adult walk in Port Williams with Joseph Memitt, Wed & Fri 9am

New Minas Recreation Department: 902 681-6577