How Many Oak Island Treasures Have Actually Been Recovered

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The Lost Treasure of Oak Island and the Centuries

If I had the Greatest Treasure in the world and I was about to go on a journey to a new land and encounter many dangers and unknowen mystery’s , I would have one BIG thought on my mind. How to get this treasure accross the ocean and not sink the ship. The Templars had to use Viking Ships to make the journey because their ships were not built to travel in the oceans 1. The Templar were involved for years in the transportation of goods across the Mediterranean Sea and they knew the best way to protect their cargo 1.

They used coconut fibers. Not only could they use it for packing but the fiber made the best ropes and nets and did not rot when used in salt water 4 The fiber did float so if enough was on board it could keep a ship from sinking 3.

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News About What exactly is Oak Island, and why has it kept people fascinated for over years? Oak Island is a small acre island measuring approximately almost a mile long, by half a mile wide, with a ft causeway from the island to the mainland. It is approximately 45 minutes from Halifax. Some of geology of the island consists of Slate stone on the western side, with Clay and Anhydrite being on the eastern side of the island. As the story goes, In Daniel McGinnis observed some lights on the shore from Oak Island, and wanted to investigate.

He traveled to the island, and started exploring, and soon came across a Block and Tackle hoist suspended on an old tree. Directly below the limb and the block and tackle, was a large depression on the ground. This sparked his interest, with local folklore and stories of pirates and buried treasure in the back his mind. He returned to the island, with a group of friends from Chester to help him explore, consisting of John Smith, Anthony Vaughan and by some accounts Samuel Ball. Within 10 feet down, they found a row of logs, charcoal, coconut fiber and putty.

Which they encountered again at the 20 foot mark, and the 30 foot mark.

Have Two Brothers Cracked the Year

The ultimate quest for buried treasure has been a dream of many adventurers there over the past or so years. Since its modern discovery in by 3 teenagers, there have been at least 13 organized expeditions seeking the buried treasure, and at least 6 people have been killed in the attempt. Yet, we’re no closer to finding out what’s at the bottom of the hole. Even with modern machinery, coffer dams, and the like, not to mention the millions of dollars spent, treasure hunters have come up empty.

THE TRURO COMPANY STATEMENT #1 [NOTE: This is from the Oak Island Treasure Company Investment Prospectus, So appears to be (so far) the best account of what happened, and may have been taken from the written account that Adams A Tupper later wrote.

These groups both tried to block the flow of water into Smith’s Cove and dug numerous shafts and tunnels to attempt to access the treasure or intercept the water tunnel — all to no avail. These pits and tunnels, meanwhile, caused headaches for future treasure hunters. Blair attempted and failed to locate the water tunnel, so his next step was to drill into the Money Pit. He allegedly found evidence of loose soil and layers of iron, oak, sand, wood, coconut fiber and putty [source: He also supposedly unearthed a tiny fragment of parchment paper with writing on it many people read it as the letters"v” and"i”.

This parchment, unlike the earlier discoveries, is still around today, although skeptics question its authenticity. In , Blair also discovered a triangle formation made of beach stones on the shore south of the Money Pit. Countless more teams came to Oak Island, including American Capt. Henry Bowdoin in , who brought with him a young law clerk named Franklin Delano Roosevelt as an investor.

Oak Island Mystery

One theory even says that seven deaths need to take place before the island will give up its treasure. Join in on this epic whirlwind of adventure and mystery to find out what happens. There, a treasure was said to be hidden deep underground. For the rest of his life, he dreamt of one thing: A Treasure Hunt The year before, year-old Rick Lagina had already gone on his first-ever treasure hunt.

Feb 09,  · In over years that adventurers have searched for the Treasure in the Oak Island Money Pit, they have met oak log platforms every ten feet, to the thirty foot level. From there, a drill probe used in , encountered multiple layers of charcoal, putty, and coconut fiber.

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From Stillwater: Oak Island Treasure

Previously on The Curse of Oak Island Is this the spot where they died? Several generations risked life and limb and died looking for something here on Oak Island. Here we are, borehole X. My brother and I want to see just what is down there.

In the s, Frederick Blair arrived with the Oak Island Treasure Company. Blair attempted and failed to locate the water tunnel, so his next step was to drill into the Money Pit. He allegedly found evidence of loose soil and layers of iron, oak, sand, wood, coconut fiber and putty [source: Fanthorpe et al. ].

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A Scrapbook of Me: The Curse Of Oak Island

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Sep 14,  · Layers of coconut fiber found beneath the sands lead to speculation that this was a very well thought out hiding place for buried treasure. Nobody has figured out how those that did bury it were going to retrieve it though.

Yet here on this mile long’ half mile long chunk of dirt that sticks out of the Atlantic barely 35 feet fortunes have being squandered, and so far six live have been lost’ in search of what? Thats one of the more amazing parts of this mystery no one even knows what they are looking for oh” there are theories to be sure, but the bottom line is nobody knows?

That’s what makes the mystery of Oak Island one of the most convene-eluded puzzling, strange, yet true stories we had ever encountered. It all began in by a teenager named Daniel McGinnis noted a depression under the out stretch branch of one of the Oak trees from which the island that it originally took its name.

Daniel and two friends that he had persuaded to join him quickly discovered that someone indeed in the distant past had gone through a great deal of trouble to dig the pit’ that they were now uncovering. Every ten feet they encountered another oak floor solidly anchored in the sides of the pit, by the the time they reached the third floor and in spite of dizzying visions of buried treasure they realize they were over there heads both literally and figuratively.

Curiously that seemed to end the boys adventure’ they just gave up, for the next seven years the pit the boys that just only began to uncovered layed undisturbed. But rumors in-bounded but some of them were quite sinister. There was talk of a curse on Oak Island that might not sound far fetched as it sounds, when you begin to learn about the island’s tragic history? Perhaps that the most famous legend’ is no one will find the treasure until every Oak tree on the island is gone and as of right now there is one.

If that is true its a sink hole that fooled a lot of people, the boys eventually convinced others that there was something of value buried on the island in they returned to the original pit but as hired hands with the Onslow company. The Onslow company brought to the island a full compliment of men and equipment believing they can quickly find what ever treasure that to be found.

The Coconut Fibers are the Key to this hunt

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Apparently, coconut fiber was used for stabilizing cargos and ships for many years. >> NARRATOR: But just why is finding coconut fiber on Oak Island so important? When workers in the s discovered that the water that flooded the Money Pit was rising and falling with the tide, it was thought that Smith’s Cove might be the source.

Topics oak , island , treasure , news , Globals’ Ross Lord Synopsis Oak Island’s past, present and possible future’ but can First Nations Researcher Keith Ranville inspire Oak Island’s treasure hunting popularity as he already done with his recent news about his Birch Island triangle theory: Oak Island–In Nova Scotia a once flourishing tourism industry is gradually dwindling, its down turn some blame on a lack of new attractions.

How ever one small Island could soon change that? As Ross Lord explains that’ not only that it comes with pirates and hidden treasure’ the tourist are practically lined up already. Reporter Ross Lord For more than two centuries this small Nova Scotia Island has contained one of the greatest mysteries of the world the treasure pit of Oak Island.

Oak Island Tourism Society The draw in is the mystery it’s self, nobody knows for sure who buried what even indeed if there is anything buried underneath of Oak Island. Since people being trying to discover oh’ well what is the mystery of Oak Island? Reporter Ross Lord Getting to the bottom of the treasure pit has proven impossible, in two hundred years of digging they encountered Oak log platforms every ten feet or so’ too the thirty foot level, down deeper multiple layers of charcoal, putty and coconut fiber.

Beneath that another platform, then layers of wood and iron. Throw in a man made flooding system and it is no wonder at least six men have died and several fortunes have being lost trying to obtain proof. Lady In Car It’s a just amazing like however they did that, that long ago and why they would do it and what would they would be there for anybody to see or touch?

The Oak Island Money Pit

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At the time they did not know that the fiber was from the husks of coconuts, nor did they know that there was more of it on the island’s shore. (TMP) Just before hitting the 90 foot oak platform layer, they found a large flat stone, feet long, 15 inches wide, and inches thick.

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The Curse of Oak Island Season 4 Spoilers: Franklin D. Roosevelt Was Obsessed With Oak Island

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Transcript of Oak Island Money Pit. Inside the Pit Inside of the pit while digging every 90 meters there were layers of wooden slabs. One time whilst digging someone found a stone inscribed with something. But, shortly after that the entire tunnel was flooded. They believe there are tunnels underground that flooded the tunnel.

Acacia Mangium Acadiakoa https: I’ve watched the new season though. I’ve always had a lot of questions about the whole deal and the theories are fascinating but pretty farfetched. The British and other Europeans sailing through were there from the days of first exploration. A few things that haven’t been covered that seem really important to me, though, are the non-native oak trees that were planted there and the age of coconut fiber found around the drains in Smith Cove.

That fiber was carbon dated to between and There’s no more to be said about the coconut fiber, I guess—that is what it is.

Oak Island ~ Treasure Update