So if you have any knowledge of the company that made the jewellery please get in touch. To jog memories here are a few pieces to help things along. Signed lily flower brooch and matching clip earrings – also signed. My own collection BJL made many pretty enamel and marcasite brooches and earrings. Looking at the style and findings of many of their pieces – they made jewellery from the s up to the s at least. Not only the enamel ones but a range of vintage necklaces, brooches, earrings and bracelets.

SARAH COVENTRY Designer Information

Here you will find history information on the well-known brand, as well as photographs of the various Monet signatures that have been used over the years that will help you date your pieces and ensure their authenticity. Dating can sometimes prove difficult and people can be misinformed with the information that where the copywriter symbol is absent from a piece it will date it pre , however there are many pieces that look to have been produced in the s and possibly late s?

A full listing of the pieces used in the photos displayed throughout this page can be found at the bottom of the page. If you have searched through my items for sale you are sure to notice that I have considerable more Monet jewellery pieces listed compared to any other designer.

Founded in by Charles Stuart, Sarah Coventry was named via the combination of his granddaughter’s first name and the town of Coventry in England—where the Stuart .

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Celtic Jewelry

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Emmons Jewelry was the forerunner of Sarah Coventry and the mark for both companies was first used in

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When I look at the massive collection of pieces released by the Sarah Coventry designers, my feeling is that they were aiming more for everyday wear and versatility, meeting the current trends of the day. When I looked into the history of the Sarah Coventry brand, I started to understand how it became the juggernaut it was, with the women who the jewellery was designed for, selling the product.

After World War II, thousands of women were forced out of their jobs by returning veterans. These women were keen to continue earning their own money as opposed to just being “housewives” and so when the opportunity arose from Sarah Coventry Inc. Demonstration kits were offered with no up-front cost, comprehensive training was given, and very generous incentives were on offer. Both men and women were recruited to host the parties.

Aug 10,  · Can anyone identify the name of this Sarah Coventry necklace? It is marked Sarah with a copyright symbol on the back and would this be considered.

This album covers research being done to ascertain whether this is a pendant made by Reinhold Vasters, as well as whether the mostly matching pendant from two Parke Bernet auctions is the same pendant or a “twin. Some genuine pieces had survived, but the limited supply of genuine Renaissance jewelry could not keep up with 19th century demand. In the last thirty years or so, jewelry and silver historians have begun to realise the sheer number of pieces made in the latter part of the 19th Century in the Renaissance style.

The discovery, in the Victoria and Albert Museum library, of some 1, designs for jewelry and the mountings of hardstone by the goldsmith, Reinhold Vasters of Aachen, has revolutionised our thinking on the subject. Reinhold Vasters was born near Aachen and entered his mark as a goldsmith in that city in He was very shortly thereafter appointed restorer at the Aachen Cathedral Treasury. His early work seems to have concentrated on church silver which he marked, very straight-forwardly, R.

In addition there are two recorded Renaissance style jewels from this period which bear an RV conjoined mark struck on a small applied plaque on the reverse, which are almost certainly by him 4.

Vintage Sarah Coventry Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry Although the company did not design or manufacture the jewelry, Sarah Coventry was involved in determining which designs worked for the line. The vintage pieces show the history of the jewelry company. Each piece of jewelry bares the identifying marks, which varied over the years. Sarah Coventry jewelry bore the following identifying marks: For example, both “Sarah” and “SC” were commonly used throughout the years, even when other marks were introduced.

Various signature marks were used by Sarah Coventry Inc and my understanding is that these markings will not help you date the pieces (as many other makers.

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He settled in Britain and became known for his public art including murals in churches. He was the last surviving artist included on Goebbels’ infamous list of ‘degenerate artists’ before his death in aged St Mark’s, which is in Foleshill in the north of Coventry, is set to become a ‘city centre resource church’ with a particular focus on people aged 18 to St Mark’s, which is in Foleshill in the north of Coventry, is set to become a ‘city centre resource church’ with a particular focus on people aged 18 to 30 Feibusch settled in Britain and became known for his public art including murals in churches In the Coventry Society noted that the listing particulars for the building did not include the mural ‘We therefore put in a formal request to English Heritage to amend the listing to include the mural and revise other details of the listing.

Feb 10,  · Sarah Coventry Signatures Various signature marks were used by Sarah Coventry Inc and my understanding is that these markings will not help you date the pieces (as many other makers marks do). Sarah Coventry changed their markings, depending on the pieces, in an attempt to stop duplication by other companies.

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Welcome to my jewelry research page, a work in progress. As I collect hallmark photos and accurate dates I will be adding to these records. If you would like to help with this Research page I .

I love a good mystery so I will keep trying to find out what I can and post it here. It is thought that this costume jewelry was made during the s and the s. The pin below is an good example of some of the pieces I have seen. Christmas tree pins, gold tone metal, and wire work. Their jewelry is easy to find on the market. There is limited information about this company.

Interesting gold -tone and gold plated designs. Average quality jewelry with enameling and rhinestones.

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