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December 20, By linking to an astronomy app, even telescopes with small object libraries can find and track millions of celestial objects, including new comets, asteroids and satellites. A backyard computerized GoTo telescope can automatically locate just about anything a beginner skywatcher might want to see. But how do you find out which objects are available when you are observing? And what do you do if that newly discovered comet or asteroid is not in your telescope’s internal database? Perhaps you’d like to see a star known to host orbiting exoplanets, but your telescope can’t find that star. One way to approach this problem is to link your telescope to an astronomy app and control it wirelessly with your phone. A number of vendors make hardware and software that let you remotely steer computerized GoTo telescopes.

Can’t connect Autostar # to PC

Buying A Computer Controlled Telescope? In areas where real estate development leaves the amateur seeing lees and less of the night skies, computers can help one find the target and then move a telescope right onto that target. The ultimate mating of the computer nerd with the astronomy geek, computer controlled telescopes have captured more and more of the public imagination and spending.

The # Connector Cable Set provides access to three AutoStar operations: • Telescope Control: Use a personal computer (PC) to directly control a Meade AutoStar-compatible telescope through the use of an astronomical software program with.

Collimators Telescope Accessories If you are reading this, you have most likely purchased a telescope or are looking to get one. Regardless of which category you fall under, this guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of which telescope accessories and upgrades you might want to consider for your new telescope.

From filters that enhance your celestial and planetary observation to collimators that give you that extra step of precision, this guide will enlighten you about the purposes and benefits of telescope accessories so you can get the best from your first steps in astronomy. There are many types of filters including, but not limited to, light pollution filters, moon filters, solar filters, colour planetary filters, and nebula filters.

While there is such a vast range, the underlying principle remains the same — filters work by rejecting particular wavelengths that correspond to unwanted light sources that have been scientifically identified so that you only see crisp, clear and bright images. For example, a red colour planetary filter will disattentuate the wavelengths associated with the red colour along the visible spectrum and accentuate the rest.

This in particular will be extremely helpful for viewing planets such as Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Basic Colour Planetary filter kits commonly consist of red, yellow, blue and neutral planetary filters, however there is a wide range of individual colour planetary filters that suits different needs that can be purchased individually.

Celestron NexStar 8 SE Telescope Bundle

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From the computer device manager, make sure that you can see the port to which the USB adapter is connected. Once the port is identified, select the proper port while in NexRemote. Next, select the proper mount model for your telescope.

I will be setting up my Orion Autoguider soon, so I’ll need that to be connected too. Sort of just figured it out from other info here. That being said- Download Stellariumscope, it’s free. Get the version for Celestron scopes. Once everything is installed, open Stellariumscope and choose the scope type Celestron. After that, hit connect. If successful you can then start Stellarium. In the telescope control settings you need to choose “external software or a remote computer”. When configuring any other software to connect to the mount, choose ASCOM telescope, or whatever is similar to that.

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LinkedIn0 Control your telescope wirelessly. As we know, the iPad has several amazing apps which help you stay productive, have fun and do a variety of other things. One of the things I have been slightly underwhelmed by is third party hardware support. The idea behind the SkyQ dongle is it creates a local wifi network and allows you to connect your iPad to it to use a free app called SkyPortal to control the telescope.

Celestron NexRemote Telescope Control Software allows you to control your Celestron Computerized Telescope from your personal computer. Everything that is done using the telescope’s hand control can now be done remotely from a PC or ron Nex Remote Software.

As of today you no longer need to work with cumbersome laptops to control your telescope and all accessories cameras, computerized mounts, filter wheels, etc. Eagle is the integrated control unit specially designed for telescopes in order to simplify astrophotography. Eagle perfectly integrates into your telescope and allows you to remotely control all functions over a wireless connection from your smartphone, tablet or even another normal computer!

Eagle integrates a a computer running Windows Embedded 8. Get access to millions of objects, all with a lot of data and point your telescope compatible with mounts with ASCOM drivers where you want, just by selecting the object you see on the screen! You can watch the real-time image on the device that you use to control your EAGLE powered telescope, save it on Eagle or on a USB pen to import into the computer used to process the pictures!

Observes the image of the guide star and the correction chart, so you can verify the tracking accuracy of your mount for your long exposures astrophotography. EAGLE uses the Windows operating system so you can expand its features in a very simple way, by installing the astronomical software you like, just like a regular computer. At PrimaLuceLab we know that astrophotography can be complicated and, especially, to record weak objects with long exposures, the control computer and various electronic devices are the key.

These instruments, however, make it complicated to setup the telescope in the field often in isolated places with low light pollution and to use, with many cables that may accidentally disconnect off during use!

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Humans have been interested in the things they can see in the sky since before recorded history, and that interest shows no sign of abating. There are many brands and types of telescopes out there. The vast majority of affordable amateur telescopes that you can purchase come with what are known as “alt-azimuth” mounts. This means that the telescope’s OTA Optical Tube Assembly can be pivoted up and down altitude and right or left azimuth.

I was quite amazed to find out that Meade still only allow you one way to connect your telescope to your PC, which is via an RS cable / 9 pin cable, the other .

Computerized hand controller has a double line liquid crystal display with 19 LED backlit buttons. Database includes 40, objects with enhanced information on over objects. Ability to add up to user defined objects. Alt-Azimuth, equatorial north, and equatorial south tracking modes. Includes several alignment options including SkyAlign, auto 2-star align, 1-star align, 2-star align, and solar system align. Five superior grade Celestron Plossl eyepieces – 1. A Moon filter reduces the brightness of the Moon and improves contrast so that greater detail can be observed on the lunar surface.

The filter has threads which allow it to screw into the bottom of the eyepieces 6 Colored Eyepiece Filters – 1. All Celestron eyepieces in the Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit are fully multicoated to enhance contrast and resolution. All Plossl Eyepieces feature a degree apparent field of view 32 mm has 44 degrees in a four element design.

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A polished brass version and a model with the main tube wrapped in a hand sewn high quality percent leather sheath. The dark brown leather sheath adds distinctive styling and eliminates fingerprints or tarnish on the main tube. Both versions are mounted on beautiful brass and hardwood adjustable tripod bases and are perfect for a desk, table, or credenza. The telescopes use precision ground glass optics and produce a bright and clear power non-inverted image.

Focusing is accomplished by rotating a large adjusting ring near the eyepiece.

This guide describes how to connect a Celestron telescope mount to your computer over Bluetooth using ASCOM drivers which will allow you to control the telescope mount using standard ASCOM based astronomy software.

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